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Interested in trying a mylar cone? Purchase cones HERE

How to Make Cones

Cones allow for precision control and fine, accurate lines. Interested in trying a mylar cone?
Purchase pre made cones or supplies to make your own cones HERE
making cones
If you are using mylar tissue, keep hands moisturized, as you can not roll tissue mylar if the humidity is low and your hands are dry, too much static electricity makes the tissue unmanageable.
assemble tools for making cones

1. Assemble tools and supplies

  • Floraphane / Cellophane / Mylar / Basket Wrap. The thicker the product, the easier the conemaking.
  • Scissors
  • Tape (Scotch brand, red label)
  • Rotary cutter and mat if you have them
  • Little rubber bands
  • Long pointy item, chopstick, skewer
cut mylar for cones

2. Cut mylar / floraphane / cello wrap into 6x7 inch rectangles OR triangels

we prefer rectangles as they have an extra layer of material when rolled into the cone that helps to prevent leaks.

roll mylar for cone

3. Begin rolling the cone

Grasp the upper right edge of the paper and fold left toward the center.

The middle of the wide edge will become the point of the cone.


4. Continue rolling till the cone is formed

Use a small push pull motion to make the cone the length and width you like.

roll mylar cone Roll
roll a bit more Roll a little more
rolling cones 5. When you come to the last bit, shift and pull the cone until the opening at the tip is the size you like. This can be adjusted until the opening is as small as a pin whole.
finishing the cone 6. Tape down the little tail, the 1 1/2 inches left over at the tip.
taping the cones 7. Add a small piece of tape around the very tip of the cone, this will hold the teensy, tiny opening in place and prevent any slippage or unwrapping.
taping cones 8. Tape over the seam on the outside using 2 pieces of tape approximately 1 1/2 inches long.
Using a long item such as a chopstick or long pointy scissors, put a piece of tape inside the cone as far down as you can get it, place another piece further up the inside of the cone to secure the inside of the cone and keep it from unrolling as you use it.
complete cones

9. Your cone is now complete!

You can fill 3-4cones with henna paste if you begin with 20 grams of dry powder.

Instructions on FILLING CONES are here

filling cones 10. Fill the cone 1/2 to 2/3 rd's of the way with several Tablespoons of henna.
closing cone with rubberband 11. Give the cone one twist just above the paste and seal with a tiny rubber band.
rubberband on cone 12. If the tip is too small cut a very small sliver off, test the width before cutting again.
cutting the tips of the cones

Scoot the rubber band down the length of the cone as you use it to keep the pressure consistent. These cones will last all day at an event without unrolling, unraveling, or developing sloppy, large tips.


Instructions on FILLING CONES are here

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